About Us

     When allowed for by time and budget, a balanced home cooked meal is best for you and your pets. For most owners though, this just isn’t practical yet nutrition and food standards cannot be compromised. This is where we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Stately Pet Supply.

     The mission of our store is to bring you the absolute best in pet nutrition. We’ll help you cut through the jargon on other foods’ ingredient labels and show you just how uncompromising food quality can be. In addition to a vast selection of healthy treats and toys, there is not one food item on our shelves that does not meet a strict 4 point checklist. Most have even met the standards set by the European Union regarding pet food labeling and manufacturing.


1. Food recipes contain only nutritionally valuable ingredients; no fillers such as corn, wheat, or soy. 

2. Food must be all natural, with ingredients passing fit for human consumption.

3. All food components must have verifiable sources with no portion ever from China. 

4. Must be 100% guaranteed. If your pets don’t like it, bring it back for store credit and we’ll find something they will like.

Where else can you find a selection & guarantee like that? 
We also offer classes on pet nutrition, allergies, training, and more!

Allergies? Let us take a crack at it. We have dozens of variations in recipes to accommodate all life stages and intolerances. 

Picky dog or cat? No problem. The quality and purity of our foods can tempt even the pickiest of pets. Also, we have a closet full of free samples to work with. Take some food home any time for a taste testing trial. We'll work until you and your pet are completely satisfied.