Coming out of the gate strong!

Happy one month anniversary to us! What a month it has been. I thought that "Coming Soon" sign was never going to leave the window. You know, in just these few weeks it seems that the most consistently surprising lightbulb moment with owners looking to switch foods is the discussion regarding protein quality.

You can get protein from corn, a snickers bar, and even road kill but it's not necessarily a complete and absorbable protein let alone one of purity!
I'll let you in on a little inside store joke. We've been referring to these dead, diseased, dying, or down animals as S@*t chicken and they're the proteins commonly used to cheaply produce a dog food.

Why does that matter? Well, as they're filtered by the kidneys, the proteins consisting of feathers, beaks, and diseased meat force the kidneys to work exponentially harder. At what point do any of us want our pet's kidneys to say "that's it, I'm not doing this anymore!" Let's get your dogs and cats off that kind of junk and on to something clean and healthy.

Take a look at our two house brands. Annamaet and Verus pet foods are so high in quality, they're European Union Certified. As corn-free, wheat-free, and soy-free foods, they'll only use meats fit for the family table. Now that's nothing to shake a stick at.